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    2021 Poetry Out Loud National Finals to be held virtually

    In order to ensure the safety and health of participating students and staff, the 2021 POL National Finals will be held virtually in lieu of holding them on-site in Washington D.C. as previously planned. Read More

    Watch 2020 student recitations on our YouTube channel

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    For Students

    What’s It Like To Compete?

    Nervous about reciting? Unsure of where to start? Don’t be—everything you need to help you perform a successful recitation is right here.

    Testimonial Author Image

    From participating in Poetry Out Loud, I learned that poetry is surprisingly engaging and relatable. No matter who you are, where you come from, or what your story is, there is some poem out there you can connect with. Poets have the gift of putting emotions and human experiences into words. Before I began this process, poetry seemed foreign and inaccessible, but now it is an art with which I can connect and appreciate more fully.”


    For Teachers and Organizers

    The Power of Poetry

    Every year thousands of teachers integrate Poetry Out Loud into their curricula. This section has everything you need to run a successful program in your classroom.

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